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Our company covers all of the phases for the implementation of graphical analysis, from the deep data preparation to final analytical dashboards, eventually equipped with superior monitoring of customer’s DB sources and infrastructure. Whatever your infrastructure is, your data will be safely retrieved and translated into easily understandable visual information.

You might know your important indicators very well, or you might not. We will both present the requested information, but will definitely help you to identify the other ones for your business as well. Your area of interest is wide as can be: finance, marketing, sales, healthcare, technology, quality or any other. We will combine it wisely so it creates you a story. A story of how to get an advantage and become better.

For the project execution we prefer agile approach, where possible.
Therefore, you don’t have to wait months to see the final layout, but rather - within days, during partial solution reveal, you have a chance to review and adjust the layout to match your expectations, before the solution is delivered.



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Our goal is to provide superior service and solutions for decision making support. 
We believe that the clearest information derive right from their graphic representation, not for nothing they say: "Better to see once ..."

We believe in the quality of services. All aspects of our work subordinate the requirements for high quality. While always strive to exceed the customer’s expectations, knowing 100% satisfaction is nowadays just not enough.

The experiences from a number of implementations across various sectors and passion for what we do predisposes us for success. We do not know the phrase "It can’t be done". All of our engagements start with a clear vision to complete the assignment, whatever it may be.


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  • "The willingness, reliability, accuracy. It may sound old-fashioned, but thanks to Dataviz we know that we don't need to look further."

    Alexandra Doková - MDS Advanced Program Tech a.s.
  • "It's amazing how much information you extracted out of such a small amount of data!“

    Ing. Ján Gecelovský,CSc. - PROSOFT spol. s r.o. Košice
  • "Dataviz is for Data-visualization what Tesla is for Cars. It’s a combination of best of class in today's and feature challenges of delivering information. Dataviz was an eye opener for our organization in new ways to generate business."

    Coen Verheijden - Quant-ICT

Any questions? Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you soon.

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