The flood of data that banks and other financial institutions are facing today is really challenging to handle, but same is picking the right data for decision support for individual departments. As practice shows, large part of the data is collected just because of historical reasons, but is not being utilized at all. Examination can help to choose appropriate indicators for each department, in order to start the competitive fight for the first places in the graph, or just to get into the green numbers area. In numerical translation for the bank this approach means either an increase in product sales, or direct financial savings.

For the needs of banking institutions we are preparing a variety of dashboards to meet the needs of individual departments (financial, product, card, marketing, risk, HR, IT, property and investments, procurement, customer service, operation and maintenance etc.). The most commonly deployed are:

    • Progress evaluation of merchantability (for products, groups, types), retail and corporate banking
    • Financial indicators
    • Evaluation of existing products, source materials for the new and outdated ones
    • Analysis of customer behavior, cards usage, utilization of additional services
    • Real-time monitoring and evaluation of marketing campaigns
    • Employee analysis, remuneration, company benefits consumption, interactive organization structure
    • Risk assessment and management
    • IT infrastructure utilization and availability, performance SLAs, hardware obsolescence and replacement
    • Overview of assets, budgets, development investments
    • Procurement of property and services, cost centers, tenders
    • Customer services utilization, consultants analysis, identification of problematic elements
    • Analysis of the cost of buildings, fleet management
    • Interactive map of buildings and energy consumption information, faults, technical inspections etc.