After putting the visual analysis in the context of higher education, it dramatically reduces the need for ad-hoc statistics and other reports necessary for the management of academic institutions. By combining various information from Excel spreadsheets and information systems you get a custom report in a single window, which will relieve many incoming requests for study department and computer science departments.

All of this valuable information is used for the purposes such as:

    • Interactive map, including remote locations with linked GoogleMaps
    • Evaluation of education within the courses, programs, across the teaching staff
    • Monitoring the population of schools and student houses in real time
    • Comparison within subjects, programs, grades, classes
    • Project monitoring and evaluation, international cooperation, research and development, publication of literature
    • Marketability and availability of textbooks, lecture notes, tables and other literature
    • Budget spending, allocation of funds, other allowances
    • Monitoring energy use in individual buildings, their visualization on the interactive map