We all rely on our Energy and Utility, each and every single day, therefore the processing and analysis of data from such sector requires ingenuity on several levels at once. The energy production itself is followed by it’s sale, distribution, servicing and maintenance of infrastructure, customer services etc. All of these important layers generate a huge amount of valuable data to be melted into useful information for improving business processes and customer satisfaction.

Analytical overview of this sector shows the most common needs:

    • Interactive maps of routes, workloads, failures, leaks, with a direct link to GoogleMaps
    • Profitability, investment returns, failure of individual units (technological, geographic, functional …)
    • Interactive benchmark of the effectiveness of sales channels, partners
    • Failure and repair analysis, costs of repairs and maintenance, planning, investment projects
    • Evaluation of call center utilization, IT infrastructure, fleet
    • Analysis of the customer base, marketing campaigns, bonuses utilization etc.