None of the sectors is in such demanding conditions such as public health service. In addition to lack of funds, the system is also afflicted by frequent changes in legislation, ending up in unclear rules and accumulated administration. Differences set within contract terms and limits put in place by the insurance companies makes the situation even more challenging.
Despite everything, there are ways to streamline the functioning of clinics, beds or stocks, or provide valuable input for negotiations with health insurance companies.

Depending on the size and range of health care providers we can prepare tailored analytic dashboards, primarily making use of hospital information system, showing information in real time. Most commonly delivered dashboards for health providers include:

    • Analysis of ambulances and SVaLZ care
    • Benchmark of clinics, sectors, ambulances, physicians
    • Patient’s bed utilization
    • Analysis of hospitalizations for head doctors
    • Analysis of treatments and hospitalizations for the need of negotiations with health insurance companies
    • Drug Stock – transfers, depreciation, consumption, expiration, disproportions between stocks
    • Quality indicators – monitoring of adverse situations in real time
    • Drawings by the insurance companies, limits and excess limits, repaired treatments
    • Target following for the goals established within ISO standards
    • Trends of diseases and diagnoses – eg. for publications, education
    • Interactive maps of buildings and premises, energy consumption, failures and repairs, technical inspections