The insurance industry is one of the the world’s most developed area, nowadays it is possible to insure almost anything. A large number of insurance entities with numerous products annually generates enormous amounts of data necessary for the registration and administration of insurance policies, incidents, claims or indemnities. All these data represent a key instrument thanks to which it is possible to analyze and predict customers behavior – before performing any terms changes, but also for estimates and risk management, or to deliver new and innovative products.

Almost all departments of insurance companies process data, so the visualizations are useful literally everywhere, especially for:

    • Analysis of the marketability of new products, by region, by broker, by products etc.
    • Interactive map of entities, for instance branches or partners
    • Risk evaluation, Scorecards
    • Assessment and modification of compensation schemes, special margins and bonuses
    • Analysis of the existing portfolio and customer base
    • Utilization of liquidators, IT infrastructure, call center
    • Fulfillment of plans and objectives of individual organizational units
    • Insurance claims, false claims, Fraud