Manufacturing companies continuously streamline its operations so that they can produce at the highest volumes possible, always faster and at the lowest cost. And as far as possible, with zero downtime. This extremely difficult task entails constant monitoring and evaluation of large quantities of inputs and outputs, which is obviously a big challenge.

Therefore, we’re helping these companies to simplify the view of the overall operation of the lines, or to implement graphic plan to show the distribution of various machinery and equipment. Interactive maps allow to immediately identify the defects, track data of processed products or work-pieces, resulting from excessive deviations, machine failure or human error.

Thanks to the collection and evaluation of production data we can prepare analytical reports covering areas such as:

    • Score-cards of suppliers
    • Efficiency of handling with material, products, work-pieces
    • Productivity and cost ratio
    • Shutdowns
    • Benchmarking of operations, teams, shifts, workers
    • Monitoring of compliance with plans and specifications, supplies
    • Quality – any established statistical methods
    • Fullfilment and execution of safety regulations and norms like OHS, ISO, OHSAS …