For the area of Retail and Distribution it’s essential in addition to sales analyzes to examine the major trends and changes in the market behavior, in order to respond to changed conditions promptly. Here it’s more than a general rule, that the visualized analytic overview wins over classic table reports. Organization of such type typically uses a variety of marketing activities to promote sales, which for the purposes of operational management is necessary to track and assess in real time.

For the Retail and Distribution segment, these needs can be identified:

    • Time evolution of revenues vs. costs, cash flow, turnaround, seasonality, stocks
    • Interactive benchmark of operations, sales managers, but also consumers and customers
    • Analysis of merchantability of products, groups, brands
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of different sales channels, B2B
    • Evaluation of marketing activities, campaigns, discounts
    • Tracking and evaluation of the loyalty programs, measuring customer satisfaction